BT to banish SMEs' helpdesk 101

Helpdesks not helping with phrases such as ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’,

BT Business is offering UK small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) help and advice to get the best from their helpdesks.


The firm believes that as IT becomes increasingly important to SMEs, standard unhelpful phrases used by helpdesks—such as ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’—are distracting workers from concentrating on doing what they do best.


Even though SMEs are increasingly embracing the advantages of technology they often find themselves frustrated by the advice they receive when things go wrong and the nightmare of dealing with what is being called 'Helpdesk 101'.  In fact, 77% of SMEs surveyed recently by BT rely on the advice of such services and yet getting the right advice at the right time isn’t always as easy as it ought to be.


BT’s research found that the UK’s top three offending IT Helpdesk phrases are: ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again' (25%); 'We are aware of your problem and are working on it now' (19%); 'Try again and call me back' (11%)


To help SMEs get the best from, BT suggests the following tips: When you’re looking to renew your IT hardware and services make sure you do your homework carefully; look at areas where your systems could be more efficient such as the convergence of voice and data services; get comprehensive support for every element of your IT and communications systems; look at how and when you might use all aspects of IT and  how they’re going to help you to manage your IT and communications more efficiently; stay on top of the latest developments in the support and hardware market.


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