SMEs failing to offer flexible working

SMEs are failing to offer flexible working practices to their staff.

SMEs are failing to offer flexible working practices to their staff.

Research commissioned by thin client and remote working firm Citrix Online, showed that just 40% of SMEs allow employees to work from home, compared to 76% of large companies.

Large enterprises are also far more likely to allow employees to adjust start and finish times, and four times more likely to operate job sharing schemes.

According to the Citrix study, which surveyed 200 UK companies of all sizes, only 43% of SMEs have technologies in place to support home working, compared to 76% of bigger companies.

Only 25% of firms of all sizes offer remote access to internal systems so that employees can work from home as if they were in the office.

Just over half of large companies say they are likely to introduce new technologies over the next three years to facilitate remote working or home-working, compared to just one in five employers in the SME sector.

"SMEs often have greater operational flexibility when compared to their larger competitors, but they are failing to seize the opportunity offered by flexible working," said Simon Presswell, managing director for Citrix Online EMEA.

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