SMEs ‘failing to keep up with web developments’

SMEs are failing with their web marketing and are not aware of new interactive web applications, according to a report by Mediasurface.

SMEs are failing with their web marketing and are not aware of new interactive web applications, according to a report by Mediasurface.

The web content management firm surveyed 179 small to medium-sized enterprises, and found that 61% did not believe their website reflected their company’s brand.

Of those questioned, 52% were unaware how often their sites were updated, and 11% did not even have a web presence.

The survey found that 37% of companies updated their websites weekly and 11% monthly.

Despite the wide-ranging publicity helping to promote Web 2.0 interactive apps, 41% of respondents were still unaware of Web 2.0. 

Of the companies that were aware of Web 2.0, only 37% believed that such technology would impact on their business.

Andy Peart, chief marketing officer at Mediasurface, said the results implied that the message about Web 2.0 and its opportunities may be getting through to large firms, but not smaller ones.

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