IT directors need mobility competency centres, says Gartner

IT directors should establish a competency centre for mobility to enable their company to develop a mobile strategy.

IT directors should establish a competency centre for mobility to enable their company to develop a mobile strategy.

Speaking today at the Gartner ITexpo in Barcelona, Gartner research vice-president Nick Jones, urged users to look at expanding the use of mobile e-mail and identify business processes that would benefit from the immediacy that enterprise mobility offers.

“Not many organisations have a group responsible for mobility,” Jones said. He predicted that over the next two to three years mobility competency centres will be commonplace.

Jones said this group could be used to integrate mobile technology into the company, define policies and standards and perform a consulting role.

He suggested IT directors could look at field service type of applications, which benefit from the immediacy of mobile connectivity. Such applications could give a business a quick return on investment of six to 18 month, said Jones.

Other mobile applications of a more collaborative nature, would also benefit businesses, although the return on investment would be harder to measure, Jones said.

Jones urged IT directors to standardise on a mobile platform such as Windows Mobile 6.0 or Nokia E Series, on which to base a mobile strategy.

He also recommended buying devices which support Wi-Fi, as this could be useful in the future for voice over IP.

While Research in Motion’s Blackberry e-mail platform has proved popular with corporate users, Jones questioned whether RIM would be able to develop new form-factors of devices to cater for the differing demands of end-users, unlike the Nokia and Microsoft mobile platforms.

Gartner predicts emergence of B2C mobile services

Companies will start developing mobile applications for consumer applications over the next few years, Gartner said.

Among the applications it predicted were airline e-tickets delivered by SMS, and out-of-hours overdraft approval from banks, which would authorise a customer to use a cash machine when they were over their overdraft limit.

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