AMD launches Puma laptop processor platform

AMD has unveiled its next generation laptop processor platform to improve performance in machines.

AMD has unveiled its next generation laptop processor platform to improve performance in machines.

Codenamed Puma, the platform is designed to deliver greater battery life, graphics and video processing enhancements, and an improved overall system performance.

Puma will build on the improvements delivered by AMD’s M690 mobile chipset and 65nm process-based Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology launched this spring.

The key technologies that make up Puma are AMD’s new notebook processor codenamed Griffin, matched with the next generation AMD RS780 mobile chipset.

Puma takes advantage of technology acquired by AMD when it bought ATI. Notebooks based on Puma are expected to be available in mid-2008, said AMD.

Chris Cloran, vice-president of the AMD notebook division, said, “With the unveiling of the Puma mobile platform we’re sending a clear signal to the market that we intend to drive continued innovation in notebook computing in 2008 and beyond.”

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