Tesco and MyThings help users keep track of belongings

Tesco Direct has partnered with MyThings to offer customers a free online management portfolio for their newly purchased non-food items.

Tesco Direct has partnered with MyThings to offer customers a free online management portfolio for their newly purchased non-food items.

MyThings members via Tesco Direct will be able to tap into benefits ranging from access to relevant accessories, product information and downloads, to warranties, insurance and free valuations.

MyThings is designed to help consumers manage and protect their valuables so they can get the most out of what they own.

Members also have access to a web service called Trace.com, which helps recover lost or stolen valuables. To help ensure that items for sale have not been reported stolen, looted or missing, a network of auction houses, second-hand dealers and consumers search the Trace.com database before trading goods.

Should a search result in a stolen item, the searcher can alert the appropriate authorities to facilitate recovery and return the item to the original owner.

When Tesco Direct customers now make online purchases they are invited to open a MyThings portfolio and have their item details - such as the item name, description, image, model number, price, date purchased and purchase location - automatically added.

MyThings portfolios are private and secure, and no personal information is provided by Tesco Direct to MyThings.

In addition, Tesco customers who add items into their free, secure portfolios will be invited to add their other valued belongings to their new portfolios, also free of charge.

Steve Robinson, CEO of Tesco Direct, said, “The MyThings portfolio should prove popular with our customers, while Trace improves consumer protection in the wider community.”

Other major UK retail partners using MyThings include Halfords, Jessops and Goldsmiths.

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