IBM announces Websphere Portal with Web 2.0 support

IBM has announced a simplified Websphere Portal offering with enhanced Web 2.0 tooling and a set of tailored business-ready packages or “accelerators”.

IBM has announced a simplified Websphere Portal offering with enhanced Web 2.0 tooling and a set of tailored business-ready packages or “accelerators”.

Accelerators for Websphere Portal address specific business problems and can simplify the implementation of customised solutions on a single portal platform, said IBM

For example, IBM Dashboard Accelerator provides an easy way for companies to align objectives, view real time business results and address performance gaps.

Websphere Portal includes expanded support for Web 2.0 technologies such as enhanced interactivity and responsiveness, in-line editing, intuitive drag and drop features, and intelligent page refresh.

IBM said new Web 2.0 tooling means organisations can easily deploy high performing, intuitive applications, satisfying end users' expectations for a rich browser experience.

In the second half, IBM plans additional enhancements that will allow Websphere Portal users to combine business data with available Google Gadgets, to create new dynamic business applications.

For instance, a logistics company would be able to create a customer service application over the coordinates on a Google map to show different pickup points.

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