EC wants roaming charges slashed by summer

The European Commission wants mobile roaming charges to be slashed by 70% from this summer.

The European Commission wants mobile roaming charges to be slashed by 70% from this summer.

The proposal has to be rubber-stamped by both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, but the commission’s proposal shows that the mobile industry’s intense lobbying on the issue has not worked.

The commission says mobile roaming charges to make and receive calls while abroad are far too high, and it has rejected the industry’s claims that it is implementing satisfactory cost reductions.

EU telecoms commissioner Vivian Reding said, “A political agreement on lower roaming tariffs is now within reach. In this important phase of the legislative procedure, it is of crucial importance to ensure that all consumers in the EU will be able to benefit from lower roaming charges, and that no one is left behind.”

She said, “I warn against a regulation that would only lead to lower roaming charges for new customers.
Practically all EU citizens already have a mobile phone contract. Therefore, such an opt-in clause would deprive most consumers of the beneficial effects of the new EU regulation.”

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