Managing Microsoft's Windows Firewall

Microsoft's Windows Firewall can give network admins a headache. Check out the advice of our Windows security experts to find out when to use Windows Firewall, how to configure it for remote users and what can cause Windows Firewall to automatically shut down.

Managing Microsoft's Windows Firewall can be tricky business. When can you shut down Windows Firewall? What is the best firewall configuration for your network? Where is the line between security and functionality when it comes to firewall settings for remote users? The list of questions goes on.

With the advice of Windows security experts Kevin Beaver, Wes Noonan and Jonathan Hassell, however, Windows Firewall management can be a much less daunting task. Read below for some of the most frequently asked questions about Windows Firewall.

When to use Windows Firewall
I am currently running AOL 9.0 SE and it keeps telling me that I have multiple firewalls installed and recommends disabling the Microsoft firewall...

Read Kevin Beaver's response to this question about when to use Windows Firewall.

Firewall settings for remote users
By default, all AD users in our domain have Windows Firewall disabled. However, for those that have laptops, it would be nice to be able to enable it when they are not logged into the domain...

Read Wes Noonan's response to this question about firewall settings for remote users.

What can cause Windows Firewall to automatically shut down?
My Windows Firewall is getting turned off whenever my system reboots...

Read Jonathan Hassell's answer to this question about what can shut down Windows Firewall.

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