Brown promises more technology for police

Prime-minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown said he will work to help police fight crime and reduce paperwork through technology.

Prime-minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown said he will work to help police fight crime and reduce paperwork through technology.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Brown said police forces must be equipped with technologies including mobile data devices, which cut down the need for officers to return to the station, as well as technology to help fight crime and reduce paperwork such as number-plate recognition and cameras.

He asked forces to support this through recommendations and issued an invitation.
“I want forces and individual officers to put forward their suggestions - original ideas or experience of local initiatives which they believe should be expanded,” he said. “I have asked Sir Ronnie [Flanagan] this week to work with you to identify those innovations that will really make a difference, both in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency and while always ensuring safeguards to build people's trust and confidence in new technology get them into use quickly.”

Chief Constable Peter Neyroud, National Police improvement Association (NPIA) chief executive, welcomed “the Chancellor’s commitment to ongoing investment in technology to support policing improvement.”

“The NPIA is also working closely with Sir Ronnie Flanaghan’s team on the review of policing and will doubtless play a key role in taking forward its recommendations,” he said.

“Policing has made great strides in this area over the past decade. In Airwave the service has a new national secure digital communication system and policing systems are now available to provide front-line staff with national information on convicted criminals, fingerprints and palm prints, DNA and known sex offenders and violent offenders.

The Chancellor’s commitment will help us to build on these successes,” saidNeyroud. “In addition to developing this technology, we must also make sure that the service is properly supported in its implementation. Where necessary, we will help forces to change the way they work to gain maximum benefit from the technology as it is deployed.”

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