Securing Windows clients: Top tips for summer '07

Many Windows admins will tell you that securing their users is their biggest challenge. In this tip series, learn password security best practices, the pros and cons of creating your own Windows digital certificates, and securing Windows Vista.

Securing Windows networks in the enterprise is a never-ending job. Network admins have to constantly worry about proper encryption practices, password security, securing server and desktop operating systems and more. Many admins, however, would agree that educating their users is their biggest security concern.

This collection of tips from addresses many of the client and end user issues that Windows security admins face every day. Answer frequently asked password security questions, secure remote users, and get an inside look at Windows Vista with this expert advice.

TrueCrypt 4.3: A full-volume encryption option for Windows Vista
BitLocker and Encrypting File System each allow different types of encryption in Windows Vista, but neither offer encryption for auxiliary volumes or removable drives. However, you are in luck. TrueCrypt 4.3 can encrypt whole and virtual drives -- and it works with Vista.

Inside Windows Vista: Windows Defender
Will Windows Defender in Vista be the answer to your anti-malware prayers? Read up on another one of Vista's newer features in this tip by Microsoft MVP Brien Posey.

Creating your own Windows digital certificates: The risks and benefits
Perhaps you've considered generating your own digital certificates for your Windows system, but you weren't sure how safe that would be. This tip outlines the risks and benefits involved in creating your own certificates.

Remote Desktop gets a bit more secure
Windows Vista adds another level of security to its remote desktop feature, hoping to make an admin's life a bit easier. Read all about it in this excerpt from chapter one of Mark Minasi's book, Administering Windows Vista Security: The Big Surprises.

Password security FAQs
Password security is a topic that site experts Kevin Beaver and Wes Noonan have to deal with on a regular basis. Check out this collection of recent password security questions for advice on cracking through a locked hard drive and what to do if you forget your password.

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