Citrix enhances application performance monitoring offering

Citrix has announced two new additions to its application performance monitoring product line.

Citrix has announced two new additions to its application performance monitoring product line.

Citrix EdgeSight 4.5 is the latest version of the company’s application performance monitoring solution, and the all-new Citrix EdgeSight for Load Testing is a testing tool designed to improve an IT team’s ability to deliver a stable and predictable application delivery environment.

“Businesses today are run on the ability of users to easily access applications and IT services from anywhere,” said George Hamilton, an analyst at Yankee Group.

“Citrix understands that performance management needs to be tightly integrated with the application delivery infrastructure to provide IT organisations with the tools they need to optimise their systems, reduce costs and provide a better service experience to their user communities.”
Citrix EdgeSight and Citrix EdgeSight for Load Testing provide visibility before, during and after applications are integrated into an IT environment.

The combination of the EdgeSight’s real-time performance monitoring with the new simulated performance modelling capabilities of EdgeSight for Load Testing, provide IT administrators with a set of tools for identifying, prioritising and addressing application performance problems, said Citrix.

The tools are designed to be used with Citrix’s suite of thin client, server, network and web optimisation products.

EdgeSight 4.5 enhancements include tighter application integration, improved management dashboards with better graphics, and wider support for web-based apps.

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