Ofcom widens wireless rural broadband

Ofcom has introduced new regulations to extend wireless broadband access across the country, including rural areas.

Ofcom has introduced new regulations to extend wireless broadband access across the country, including rural areas.

The regulations cover the 5.8 GHz band, currently used by a number of operators to provide fixed wireless broadband services in the UK.

Under the new regulations, the operators will be able to increase power levels, potentially extending the range and variety of services into parts of the country that were previously not covered.

This is likely to have the biggest effect in rural areas, said Ofcom. A recent Ofcom report said 41% of adults living in rural areas had broadband internet at home, compared to 45% of adults in urban areas.

The power increase in the 5.8GHz band will make it less expensive for operators intending to use this band to provide fixed broadband access to remote parts of the UK.

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards said, "This measure means communities across the country may be able to benefit from access to a new form of broadband. That is what closing the digital divide is all about." 

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