Ultraspeed launches discless web hosting servers

Ultraspeed has launched the Discless Server System (DSS) platform, which removes the need for hard discs on customer servers.

Ultraspeed has launched the Discless Server System (DSS) platform, which removes the need for hard discs on customer servers. It uses a storage area network (San) to provide the operating system, applications and data storage.

Customers already using the DSS service include 2View Group, which runs ViewLondon.co.uk, and online brokerage Primrose Mortgage Processing.

With the new system, Ultraspeed said customers could be confident that business critical data “will always be available”.

Ultraspeed’s DSS servers “boot” from the San via fast gigabit Ethernet connections. All data is continually replicated across the San, and should an individual San hard disc fail, it is swapped out and the replacement is automatically populated with data without the customer being affected.

This approach is in contrast to traditional server environments in which hard disc failure can result in the server being knocked out completely, while the disc is replaced and repopulated with data from the last backup.

Jonathan Midgley, CTO at Primrose Mortgage Processing, said, “As an online brokerage, speed and reliability are critical and Ultraspeed’s DSS provides exactly that.

“The extremely quick processing speed of DSS means we can turn around quotes for customers quicker than our competitors, and we are satisfied that Ultraspeed has implemented a technology step change in offering the most reliable hosted server package on the market.”

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