Tibco extends Ajax support in messaging software

Tibco Software is launching enterprise messaging software Tibco Ajax Message Service Version 1.0.

Tibco Software is launching enterprise messaging software Tibco Ajax Message Service Version 1.0.

The solution pushes live data and events from servers to web pages, Ajax-based applications and other software.

Tibco has incorporated Ajax into its messaging capabilities to provide the opportunity for organisations to offer rich, interactive services, and information such as real-time notifications, dashboards or financial services portfolio management and derivatives data via web-based infrastructure.

"Tibco Active Message Service is a natural extension of Tibco's legacy in enterprise message bus technology," said Kathleen Quirk, an analyst at IDC.

"Combining real-time data delivery with a rich client on the front-end provides an enhanced level of usability for business users, and gives developers an enterprise-tested set of technologies to build applications that are more in tune with business information requirements," she said.

Tibco Active Message Service enables data and events to stream to the client over the firewall-friendly HTTP networks that make up corporate intranets and the web. 

It does not need any plug-ins, applets, Active-X controls or software installations to connect.

Active Message Service Version 1.0 will be generally available by the end of this month.

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