Device security control and security of portable devices

This month's Information Security round up of device control tools that manage the access and privileges meted out to removable storage devices like USB drives, MP3 players and other media.

This month, Information Security magazine reviews six device control tools that manage the access and privileges meted out to removable storage devices like USB drives, MP3 players and other media.

Once you've digested the verdict on those products, expert Shon Harris tackles the quandary facing security managers of balancing the demand for these convenience storage devices and implementing guidelines for their safe use. Harris provides three steps to follow that address regulatory concerns, classification of data and access controls.

Leverage compliance, measure risk
It seems like the concept of balancing security with user/customer demand is central to a security manager's job. But what about balancing security and regulatory compliance demands? Just because your organisation complies with SOX, does that mean it's more secure? As a complement to story in the March issue (Balancing Act), writer George Hulme talks to security managers about how they leverage compliance to help with their risk assessments and measurements.
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Enterprise UTM: A Different Animal
Unified threat management has its own look in the enterprise--and it doesn't always resemble the all-in-one platform popular with small- and medium-sized businesses. Expert Lisa Phifer hosts a Webcast this month that will help you sort the two and make the right call based on the needs of your organisation.
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HIPAA Learning Essentials
A Maine health care provider rid itself of its spyware-ridden PCs for a thin client environment. Not only did the move centralise security management, but it greatly helped the organisation with its HIPAA compliance efforts. can help even further with its comprehensive HIPAA Learning Guide. The guide is a collection of new articles, expert analysis and advice, white papers and case studies to keep you on track in what is a perpetual challenge to maintain compliance with an important regulatory privacy and security mandate.
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PING with Mark Odiorne
In this exclusive interview with Information Security magazine Mark Odiorne, CISO at Scottish Re, provides insight on attacking your own network, prioritising security for senior management and the joys of compliance.
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