Housing body integrates CRM with back office

Hounslow Homes, which manages 16,500 homes for the London Borough of Hounslow, has integrated CRM technology with its back office systems.

Hounslow Homes, which manages 16,500 homes for the London Borough of Hounslow, has integrated CRM technology with its back office systems.

The system is designed to allow customer service advisers to search customers’ full case histories, refer enquiries, complete customer paperwork and schedule appointments and follow-up calls.

The organisation had been implementing an IT investment programme, managed by independent IT and business consultancy NCC Group, to improve customer service.

The first phase of the programme involved the upgrading and deployment of a repairs scheduling system to streamline the repairs process by allowing staff to book immediate repairs appointments. And it included the introduction of a Lagan CRM system designed to enable a more efficient and effective service to customers.

Following the introduction of the repairs scheduling system and the CRM system, the percentage of repairs jobs for which an appointment was made and kept increased significantly to 99.6% and customer satisfaction increased from 67% to 80%.

The organisation has now launched a new customer services centre, which uses these technologies to offer customers a choice of how they communicate with Hounslow Homes. The new contact centre merges the existing general enquiries call centre with a repairs and appointments service, allowing customers to call in using one freephone number from Monday to Saturday.

Lynne Bann, head of customer services centre at Hounslow Homes, said, “We have completely transformed the way that we deal with our customers and now focus on how and when our customers want to communicate, rather than asking them to fit in with what suits us.”

Hounslow Homes uses Anite housing management systems, together with further back office systems, the Xmbrace Opti-time appointment management system and the Civica Servitor job costing application.

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