AOL joins Microsoft in supporting Open ID

AOL has joined Microsoft in supporting the Open ID federated identity management system.

AOL has joined Microsoft in supporting the Open ID federated identity management system.

AOL‘s support means Open ID could potentially get a further 63 million users. Open ID allows users to sign in once to access any website that supports the scheme.

AOL users will be able to use their existing AOL accounts with the scheme. Microsoft recently announced its registered web users would be able to use the scheme.

Federated identity management has seen open decentralised systems like Open ID compete with centrally controlled systems like Microsoft’s Passport.

Microsoft didn’t see many websites sign up to its scheme, and only eBay was a significant supporter, although its marketing of Passport is low key.

Many users were weary of Microsoft’s central control of the log-in procedure.

Through the Open ID scheme, users choose where to store their online identity, meaning no single company has access to user authentication data.

Open source ID projects link up with Microsoft

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