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A service oriented architecture is the latest idea to come out of the IT industry, designed to ease reusability of software and services.

A service oriented architecture is the latest idea to come out of the IT industry, designed to ease reusability of software and services.

A SOA  requires a a new approach to software development. Applications can be constructed from reusable components rather than as a single monolithic program.

AMR Research: SOA what?
With all of the major ERP suppliers hyping the wonders of service-oriented architecture (SOA) as the ultimate solution to business flexibility and total cost of ownership (TCO), the reaction we get from most of our enterprise applications clients is “SOA what?” The reality is that while experimentation with SOA is common, commitment to SOA is still a long way off.
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Butler Group: Software development for a SOA
The idea of service can be seen as a natural progression in the evolution of application development. Thus, from the earliest procedural code, to structured code, then the concept of objects in parallel with the trend away from mainframes to distributed client-server systems, 3-tier and then n-tier application architectures, and so into the modern era of distributed objects and components.
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Freeform Dynamics: Will SOA kill the idea of applications?
A natural consequence of SOA is that systems will no longer be implemented as single monolithic structures, but as a series of component parts that work together to deliver whatever functionality is required. With such a development, you no longer have to take all of the pieces from one application supplier.
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Quocirca: Functional Reuse & SOA
SOA is a driving force for future functional use within organisations. However, these functions must be viewed as being shared services for all processes. Functional re-use will be the main means of ensuring that organisations can respond rapidly and effectively to market dynamics, and that improvements to specific functions will have the optimum impact across the whole organisation.
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