Tech Data news in brief: Businessworks ups support; CA upgrade alert, 3G losing battle

Short takes on this week's Tech Data news

Short takes on this week's Tech Data news

Businessworks ups its web services support

Tibco Software has upgraded Businessworks to support the Oasis WS-BPel 1.1 specification. The company has integrated its workflow process control with its Enterprise Service Bus technology to support applications that communicate through a common service oriented architecture.,7211,38578,00.html

CA upgrades to swat Brightstor Backup bug

CA has alerted users of its Brightstor ARCserve Backup tool of a security risk that will require a software upgrade. TippingPoint, IBM ISS and iDefense all informed CA about the vulnerabilities, which involve multiple overflow conditions that can allow arbitrary code to be executed remotely with local privileges.

3G losing mobile battle with Wimax and Wi-Fi

Mobile users may soon find their phone and mobile data services connecting over wireless Lans rather than 3G. ABI Research predicted that Wimax and city-wide Wi-Fi networks were likely to be more cost-effective to deploy and operate. ABI's Stuart Carlaw said, "From a pure coverage perspective Wimax is twice as energy-cost-effective and metro Wi-Fi is 50 times more energy-cost-effective than WCDMA [3G]."

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