Password security FAQs

Check out this collection of recent password security questions for advice on cracking through a locked hard drive and what to do if you forget your password.

Password cracking has the unique distinction of being an attack method that can break through both hardware and software defences. A hacker can use a password to break through a network firewall from afar or they can break onto a laptop should one (God forbid) ever fall into their hands. Thus, password security is a topic that our site experts Kevin Beaver and Wes Noonan have to deal with on a regular basis. Below is a collection of recent password security questions they have answered. If you have a password question of your own that needs answering, don't hesitate to ask Kevin or Wes.

Cracking a locked hard drive

We recently had someone enter an office and locked down a hard drive with a password. We contacted Dell Support and they want the drive shipped to them. Our problem is the drive belongs to our HR department and they do not want it to leave to office. How do we get the password removed so the drive can be accessed by the HR department?

Click here to read Windows security expert Kevin Beaver's explanation on how to crack a locked hard drive. You can also ask him a password security question of your own by clicking here.

Crack the admin password in Windows XP

How can I crack the administrator password in Windows XP without a CD, floppy or any other kind of software?

Read Wes Noonan's advice on cracking a Windows XP admin password here. Click here to ask him a networking-specific question about password hacking.

Change a forgotten Windows password

I want to change my Windows password, but I can't remember it. Is there any way I can get around this?

Click here to read Kevin Beaver's advice on what to do when you forget your password or ask him your own password security question by clicking here.

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