War against malware still rages according to readers

Readers sound off on the state of malware defense and Microsoft's role in the battle.

The continuous onslaught of spyware, viruses and spam remains a concern of security administrators everywhere. There is a growing perception that, through the use of multiple tools and anti-x products, administrators are making headway against malware of all types.

Add to the equation that Microsoft, whose products are generally the most targeted by malware, is getting ready to release a beta of their own anti-malware solution and expect security professionals to have passionate opinions of the situation.

Our Editor in Chief Marilyn Cohodas posed some of these malware-related questions to our readers in her weekly editorial. So far, nine of your peers offered their opinions on the state of the war against malware and whether or not Microsoft is a worthy ally.

What is the current state of malware prevention? (Read the original editorial.)

  • Letter #1: Microsoft decisions have led to poor security
  • Letter #2: Microsoft should give away antispyware
  • Letter #3: Most tools are just Band-Aids, Phishing is still a threat
  • Letter #4: Only sure solution: Disconnect
  • Letter #5: Adware is insidious
  • Letter #6: Microsoft is the problem
  • Letter #7: Microsoft is stepping up with comprehensive security
  • Letter #8: Rootkits are killing us
  • Letter #9: Microsoft is more the problem than the solution

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