Amazon countersues over web patents has countersued IBM in a continuing battle over web patents. has countersued IBM in a continuing battle over web patents.

IBM sued Amazon earlier this year after accusing the online retailer of infringing some of its patents.

The Amazon countersuit denies Amazon infringes any patents, seeks to invalidate some of IBM’s patents, and alleges that IBM itself infringes some of Amazon’s patents.

According to Amazon, IBM illegally uses Amazon’s technology in its Websphere application server and in its information management products and services.

The Amazon patents in question allow a website to recommend products to customers based on their browsing and buying histories.

This type of technology is widely used on website platforms across the e-commerce industry, so Amazon’s lawsuit is potentially far-reaching.

In its original lawsuit, IBM alleged that Amazon knowingly infringed several patents. These included the presentation of applications in an interactive service, the storage of data on an interactive network, the ordering of items from an electronic catalogue, and the presentation of advertising in an interactive service.

Amazon claims that IBM’s lawsuit could potentially have far-reaching implications of its own.

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