US still spams the most by far

The US is still by far the worst country when it comes to hosting and spewing out spam over the internet.

The US is still by far the worst country when it comes to hosting and spewing out spam over the internet.

Sophos has published its latest report on the top 12 spam-relaying countries during the third quarter of 2006. The company scanned all spam messages received in its global network of spam traps, which revealed that 21.6% of the world’s spam originated in the US.

Sophos believes that a possible reason for the US’s increasing lead in relayed spam when compared to its closest rival, China, is the emergence of over 300 strains of the mass-spammed Stratio worm. 

The worm, also known as Stration or Warezov, is dependent on victims being able to speak English, in its attempt to convert innocent PCs into members of a spam botnet. These botnets are networks of PCs that relay spam to web users without their owners knowing they are doing it.

China managed to decrease the proportion of spam it relayed by 6.6% since the last quarter. The UK dropped out of the chart altogether and is currently in 13th position, while Israel has entered for the first time, taking 11th place. 

The top 12 spam relaying countries between July and September were:

 1. US                                 21.6%
 2. China (inc Hong Kong)  13.4%
-3. France                            6.3%
-3. South Korea                   6.3%
 5.  Spain                             5.8%
 6.  Poland                           4.8%
 7.  Brazil                              4.7%
 8.  Italy                                4.3%
 9.  Germany                        3.0%
10. Taiwan                           2.0%
11. Israel                             1.8% (new entry)
12. Japan                             1.7%

Others                               24.3%

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