Wireless telematics market takes off

The wireless telematics market is taking off, with sales expected to more than double by 2009.

The wireless telematics market is taking off, with sales expected to more than double by 2009.

Analyst firm Juniper Research said the market for wireless-enabled machine-to-machine (M2M) applications is entering a growth phase, with revenues set to increase from £10.8bn in 2006 to more than £23bn by 2009, and to £39bn by 2011.

Report author Therese Cory said, “Wireless M2M is poised to revolutionise the workings of large organisations across all industries, extending their IT assets in ways hitherto unimagined.”

She said previous obstacles for growth included the lengthy, complex and interdependent supply chain necessary for implementation, and a business case to introduce radically new ways of working for staff and back-office systems.

In addition, the bespoke nature of the systems available was a hindrance, along with the large implementation costs in hardware, software and system integration. These factors contributed to limiting the scope of commercial implementation, resulting in many small-scale prototypes not being fully rolled out.

However, Cory said, Today’s market has been transformed by a number of important factors, including improvements in wireless technology, a reduction in component costs, the standardisation of interfaces, and the adoption by new industries and applications.”

White papers and further details of the study Wireless Telematics & Machine to Machine: Entering the Growth Phase, 2006-2011 can be freely downloaded from http://www.juniperresearch.com

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