Lambeth devises IT transformation toolkit to boost project success rate

Smart projects: London council provides tools for effective change management

The London Borough of Lambeth has devised a business transformation toolkit to help increase the success rate on its IT projects.

The Lambeth Transformation Academy is the result of a national project that was led by the London borough. The E-Capacity Building Programme was taken over by Lambeth when the former Office of the Deputy Prime Minister stopped funding the project.

The toolkit was designed to improve management awareness of the value of structured project management methodologies.

Council officers needed to develop business transformation skills when the elected members tasked them to create a single view of users of public services.
Other aims were to encourage people in different departments to work together on projects and to run projects to tighter deadlines.

Three business transformation methodologies were set out in the toolkit: project and programme management, business process re-engineering and change management.
The toolkit’s project management methodology sets out templates for running business change projects that are specific to local government. The templates are used to monitor budgets, identify risks and allocate work.

The business process re-engineering methodology is a structured approach for local authorities to redesign their processes after re-examining their business objectives. Using the toolkit to re-engineer their processes can help councils improve the cost, quality, service or speed of their work.

The third methodology – a change management toolkit – is a set of processes and activities designed to enable council officers to move to new ways of working. The content covers the changes in employee behaviour that are needed to make a major business transformation project work.

The Lambeth Transformation Academy also integrates the three different methodologies so that managers of major local authority projects can monitor overall progress.

Lambeth has used the toolkit for its own business transformation projects. It has also posted the toolkit online to make it available to other local authorities.
The toolkit cost Lambeth £50,000. Some £20,000 was spend building the toolkit, £15,000 was spent on developing training programmes, and another £15,000 was spent on delivering staff training.

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