AOL releases enterprise IM platform

AOL has unveiled a more secure instant messaging platform for enterprise users.

AOL has unveiled a more secure instant messaging platform for enterprise users.

The AIM Pro instant messaging (IM) service has new security and online meeting functions aimed at corporate users. AOL said that a lack of security in consumer-based IM systems had alarmed IT departments, which were struggling to stop their employees using them.

The free AIM Pro service integrates with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and contacts, and offers one-click access to WebEx voice and videoconferencing. It allows users to adopt their professional e-mail addresses as their AIM screen names, and delivers SSL encryption and automatic anti-virus file scanning.

A tabbed Buddy List allows users to perform a quick scan of live contacts on the IM network and to listen to news-related podcasts from various business websites.

AOL plans to offer a premium paid-for option with an IT management console and regulatory compliance features.

The company has not announced any plans to integrate its IM network with those of Yahoo or Microsoft, which announced the integration of their IM networks last week, to allow users to communicate with each other across the two systems. 


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