RoadSync update links Symbian devices to Microsoft Activesync

DataViz, a provider of Office compatibility products, has released software that will let users of Symbian-based mobile devices use Microsoft Activesync PC synchronisation software.

DataViz, a provider of Office compatibility products, has released software that will let users of Symbian-based mobile devices  use Microsoft Activesync PC synchronisation software.

Previously, Symbian devices required proprietary synchronisation software to transfer e-mail, calendar and contacts to and from Microsoft Exchange.

The update to the company's Roadsync uses the mobility features of Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) to support devices based on the Symbian operating system.

Using the Activesync protocol licensed from Microsoft, Roadsync provides secure, wireless, direct push synchronisation of corporate Outlook e-mail, attachments, calendar and contacts for non-Microsoft smartphones and mobile devices.

Supported phones include the Sony Ericsson P910 and Nokia 9300. DataViz has also confirmed its commitment to develop Roadsync for both.

Activesync software is available freely from Microsoft, but it only supports devices running the Windows Mobile operating system.

Ovum analyst Tony Cripps said with Microsoft now licensing Activesync server software, users running Symbian handsets will be able to synchronise handsets with their Exchange e-mail server without the need for third party server software.

"You will only require Microsoft software on the server," he said, which avoids the need to install third party synchronisation software such as the Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Significantly, Roadsync users will be able to use Microsoft's push e-mail capability, which is available with Exchange 2003 SP2 for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.

The support for direct push technology ensures that the device automatically receives new e-mail and other personal information manager data from a company's Exchange Server, DataViz said. RoadSync uses an HTTP connection with industry-standard SSL encryption to securely push e-mail, calendar and contact notifications to and from the device.

It supports another Windows Mobile 5.0 feature - Remote Wipe - which enables the IT department to trigger a remote wipe that removes all Exchange data from the device.

This new security feature will help to ensure corporate data is not compromised when devices are lost or fall into the wrong hands.

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