Avid claims storage revolution

In a move that it calls a “changing of the rules” in storage, Avid has unveiled its next-generation shared storage solution, Unity ISIS

In a move that it calls a “changing of the rules” in storage, Avid has unveiled its next-generation shared storage solution, Unity ISIS
Avid-who kits out leading broadcast and facilities houses with digital production technology - is proclaiming its latest addition as “revolutionary”, due to it being based on a distributed architecture that, says Avid, results in new levels of storage scalability, resiliency and client connectivity.

Designed to complement the existing LAN Share and Media Network families, Unity ISIS is effectively a SAN solution aimed to address the needs of digital media production environments such as broadcast news and network production operations, reality television productions, and education institutions with multi-purpose media laboratories.

Unity's distributed-intelligence architecture employs 16 individual storage blades housed within a single storage chassis called the ISIS Engine that processes media, while simultaneously sharing data and balancing the collective workflow between entire groups of connected storage drives. This says Avid, means that a Unity ISIS system has no inherent storage or connectivity limitations and avoids bottlenecks that can occur in storage systems that use centralized intelligence.

Version 1.0 of Unity ISIS comes equipped with storage capacity that can scale from 8-64 TBytes of storage per system, with the ability to link multiple engines to one another. It also allows connectivity of up to 100 dual-stream real-time 50 Megabyte-per-second clients, and up to 1,000 user-accounts, giving multiple clients simultaneous read and write access.

The blades are self-healing and communicate with one another to be able to adapt instantly and redistribute data in the event of a drive failure. All processing takes place in parallel to maintain real-time flow and data resiliency. Avid claims that the more storage that is added to the system, the more quickly it self-heals in the event of an error. 

Avid has announced a number of customers already including CBS News, NBC and Wexler in the US and Netherlands postproduction house Avi-Drome all of whom have been Beta sites for the system.

Available immediately, Avid Unity ISIS is priced from £68,600.

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