News in brief

Brief takes on the week's news

Sun Microsystems unveils DRM initiative
Sun Microsystems has launched Open Media Commons, which it hopes will become a common digital rights management (DRM) standard. The company has also developed DRM technology called Dream, which relies on Java software for managing video streams and is designed to allow different DRM systems to interoperate. Dream is available through Sun's Community Development and Distribution Licence.

Apache to offer web services alternative
The open source Apache Software Foundation is planning to release a suite of web services that will give users an alternative to commercial Java-based web services. Apache Synapse will deliver server software to process XML-based data. The project is currently at the incubation stage, the foundation said.

JBoss to increase open source accessibility
JBoss has launched a migration programme to make it easier for companies to adopt its open source application server software. The programme will provide assessments, methodology and tools to help users move from commercial software on application servers to open source JBoss software. One of the first targets of the programme is users considering moving from BEA Systems'  Weblogic application server to JBoss. IBM's Websphere platform will also be targeted by the migration programme.

Eclipse upgrades C development platform
The open source Eclipse Foundation is releasing an upgrade to its C and C++ development tools platform. The free Eclipse C Development Toolkit (CDT) 3.0 is designed to deliver improved scalability and performance to developers working on embedded systems and Linux environments. CDT 3.0 promises faster parsing, improved workflow, and better tools integration. Indexer selections have also been made into pluggable components.

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