Microsoft scraps September security update

Microsoft postpones planned patch for "quality" reasons.

Microsoft scrapped its monthly security update, saying it had encountered a quality issue with the software patch it planned to release.
The company had originally said it would offer a patch to a critical flaw in its Windows operating system, but then changed its mind and said it would not release any security patches this month after all.
Microsoft usually releases software patches on the second Tuesday of each month, a date that has come by security professionals to be known as "Patch Tuesday".
It is the second month in a row that quality issues have marred the monthly software release. In August, Microsoft released a corrupted version of a patch for Internet Explorer, and users who picked up the patch from Microsoft's Download Centre within the first few hours of the software’s release were unable to install it.
For once, Microsoft can take some credit. The company would only get stick if it released a patch that was corrupted, so waiting was the right decision. But monthly updates? Patch Tuesday? There has to be a better way.

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