Continuous data protection - a new look?

IBM has entered the data protection arena - is this so new?

IBM has released a new data protection product that keeps a copy of files as changes are made, allowing users to dial back to recover any version of a document they want on local disks and on network servers.

The new software, Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files, provides real-time data backup for laptops, PCs and file servers by continuously protecting information from viruses, file corruption, accidental deletion or theft of a laptop.

Continuous data protection (CDP), also known as time-addressable storage, saves all changes at the bit level, time-stamps them and moves them to local or networked disks to be stored. If a data restore is required, an end-user or systems administrator can dial back an application to any notable point in time, such as just before a virus struck a server.

Microsoft, EMC and Veritas are all expected to announce similar CDP products soon, which makes you wonder why, if it is such a good idea, no-one has done it before.

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