Cenzic unveils application security assessment tool

To help companies better assess the security of their applications, Cenzic has created Hailstorm Enterprise ARC.

To help companies better manage the security of their applications, Cenzic has created Hailstorm Enterprise ARC (Application Risk Controller). The first product to address application security assessment across the enterprise, the new tool provides an intelligent dashboard that allows users to monitor all applications within an organization.

"If you're a CIO or CSO, there are hundreds of applications you are responsible for, and you don't have the visibility that you need," said Canzic CEO John Weinschenk. "Hailstorm ARC provides that."

Using Hailstorm Enterprise ARC executives can see an application's security status. They can identify trends, prioritize resources and make better business decisions to bulletproof the organization's applications.

In addition, Hailstorm Enterprise ARC enables companies to automatically identify all Web applications within an environment with its Web application discovery tool and provides a new quantitative metric called HARM (Hailstorm Application Risk Metric) to measure vulnerability levels of applications.

Hailstorm Enterprise ARC was designed with executives in mind, but developers and testers can also benefit from it as it helps with application testing and with identifying flaws and vulnerabilities in applications.

Not only is the product easy to use, but it's also easy to set up, Winschenk said. "In less than a day you can have it set up and checking 200 applications. And you can start getting results in less than three days," he said.

In addition, the tool is a Web interface, which means users can access it from anywhere in the world.

Hailstorm Enterprise ARC costs $30,000 per user for full access and $2,000 per user for read-only access. It is expected to ship Nov. 15, 2006.

For more information, visit Cenzic's Web site.

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