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Short takes on this week's news

Short takes from this week's news

EMC to acquire RSA Security in £1.5bn deal

Storage supplier EMC is to buy RSA Security for £1.5bn. EMC is one of the largest sellers of back-up and storage equipment, and many organisations use RSA's SecurID authentication tokens and encryption software.

Judge in SCO Linux case rules in IBM's favour

A judge in the long-running SCO versus IBM case has dismissed most of the claims that IBM's free Linux operating system contained stolen code from SCO Group's brand of Unix. The outcome could mean that thousands of Linux users will be exempt from prosecution for using the code, and that SCO is unlikely to win the billions of dollars in damages it seeks. SCO filed its case in 2003, and it is scheduled for trial in 2007.

Sophos warns of Trojan in global spam e-mail

A Trojan virus has been sent out in large quantities to e-mail users around the world, Sophos has warned. The Kukudor-A troj, which uses a variety of subject lines, including "Worth to see," "Prices" and "Hello", accounted for over a third of malware reports last week. The e-mails contain an infected word, which attempts to install another Trojan when opened.

Microsoft launches code-sharing website

Microsoft has launched a code-sharing website as a way of advancing collaboration with third-party developers on projects. The Codeplex website will host code from Microsoft and other developers. Code contributed to the site can be delivered under any licensing terms, including open source models.

Firms should tighten up on mobile use, says CMA

The Communications Management Association (CMA) has called on companies to review their mobile phone use policies, as potential costs are set to spiral. The CMA's billing special interest group said the World Cup had highlighted widening opportunities to use business mobiles for things like betting, downloading, and buying small value products and services. It urged companies to act now to stop large employee phone bills mounting up.

Three members of virus writing group arrested

Three people in the UK and Finland have been arrested, following an international investigation into a virus writing group. Police said the men belong to the Moop group, which has been targeting UK businesses with Trojans since at least 2005.

European outsourcing deals reach £22bn

The 100 biggest outsourcing deals in Europe were worth a total of £22.2bn last year, figures from industry analyst IDC have revealed. Information systems and network and desktop outsourcing accounted for largest part of the total, with a combined value of £18bn.

CA launches ITIL training and services programme

CA is aiming to drive widespread adoption of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) best practices for aligning IT with business processes. The supplier has packaged technology, training and services to help organisations adopt ITIL.

IBM to integrate Lotus Sametime with MS apps

IBM is to integrate its forthcoming Lotus Sametime 7.5 collaboration platform with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Sharepoint. Users will be able to use Lotus Sametime to send instant messages, make calls, share applications or launch web conferences from within Office.

Tesco delays plans for UK-wide RFID roll-out

Tesco has dropped plans to deploy RFID readers to every UK store this year. The supermarket expects it to take up to two more years to roll out to all 1,400 stores and 30 distribution centres. Tesco said that RFID is currently only in use at 40 stores and one distribution centre.

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