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To old to switch to a security career?

To old to switch to a security career?

I know that the security arena has opened up and will continue to do so; maybe this could be a career change for me? I am 33 years old and feel I need to choose a career path I will stick to. I am also unsure of my ability to re-invent myself and again have that drive and passion to progress in a chosen field. I am starting to feel old.

The solution: Accreditation will help you break in

Whichever way you turn, you will find that accreditation will be useful. In an increasingly competitive market, firms continue to look at accreditation as a way of ascertaining your level of ability and whether you possess the relevant skills. Certification acts as an indicator of your competency and a safeguard for the quality of work you will do.

Changing career can be difficult, especially when you are unclear as to where your passion lies. However, IT security is one of the fastest growing areas within the IT market. CIOs, CTOs and CEOs are recognising that system security is one of the biggest threats to their business, their reputation and ultimately to their profit.

To find work in this area, I would advise you to register with IT security-focused recruiters. You should search all the relevant job sites and companies that focus on the skills you have acquired and wish to exploit. It could also be worth looking at acquiring an ITIL accreditation, which will draw on the experience that you have gained.

You are starting to feel old? At 33, you are not too old to change career path. In fact, in the current market, where skills are short, you are never too old to change careers. You simply need to be clear about your objective, pin down your goals and create a smart plan as to how you will achieve these goals.

Solution by Jason D'Silva Williams, manager, commercial IT recruitment, Hudson

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