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Short takes on the week's Tech Data news

Tangosol Coherence has WebLogic integration

Tangosol, a supplier of Data Grid technology for high-availability installations, has introduced the latest version of its Coherence 3.1 Java platform. Coherence provides in-memory distributed data management, clustered caching, and data-intensive grid computing for enterprise Java applications. The new version offers integration with the BEA WebLogic Portal, allowing WebLogic applications to share workflow, documents and live data in real time.

Software AG launches SOA management tools

Software AG has unveiled Crossvision, a suite of tools based on a service-oriented architecture for synchronising business with IT. It provides SOA management and governance and enables users to develop business applications using AJAX technologies. It also incorporates Business Process Management.

Proofpoint updates messaging security

Proofpoint, a provider of large-enterprise messaging security products, is shipping its next-generation messaging security technology. Proofpoint 4 includes Proofpoint MLX Dynamic Reputation, which monitors all connections and terminates or throttles those that are found to be centres of malicious activity. An optional module, Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus, is designed to protect against new forms of malicious code during the critical first hours after viruses are released.

nCipher strengthens document security

nCipher, a specialist in protecting critical enterprise data, has launched Classified Document Security Appliance, which ties together technology components from Adobe, GeoTrust and nCipher to simplify the roll-out of strong document security. It provides central signing, time stamping and encryption , and allows any recipient to validate a document's authenticity and be assured its contents are unaltered, all without manual intervention or software plug-ins, said nCipher.


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