IT security suite for SMBs

Steganos releases a cut-down version of its full Security Suite for SMBs.

Steganos, a provider of IT security and privacy software for SMBs, has launched Steganos Security Suite Special Edition (SE) 2006, a cut-down version of its full Security Suite 2006.

The new suite includes nearly all the privacy protection tools that feature in the full version, including shredder and anti-theft software, but does not contain anti-spyware software.

"We've launched this Special Edition following requests from [SMBs] who wanted the latest generation of Steganos Security Suite 2006, but who already had an anti-spyware package," says Katja Pryss, marketing manager, Steganos.

Priced at £34.95, Security Suite SE 2006 includes a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm that enables an unlimited number of secure virtual drives to be created, which can be opened using a key stored on a USB stick, digital camera or Active-Sync compatible mobile phone.

It also offers a portable safe to store encrypted data; a data shredder and deep cleaning shredder; an internet trace destructor; a password management tool; and data and email encryption tools that allow users to encrypt and hide sensitive data invisibly inside picture and audio files.


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