SMB community targeted by spam

Spammers are hitting SMBs harder than larger companies

Spammers are hitting SMBs harder than larger companies, according to the annual report by Postini, a provider of integrated message management products.

The report suggests that SMBs were sent nearly 50 spam emails per day per user in 2005, almost four times the number that large companies were sent daily.

Postini’s annual Message Management and Threat Report details industry trends and predictions in threat management and message processing for 2005 and 2006.

The report points to an increasing complexity and amount of attacks coupled with the deep concern of messaging system and security professionals about the crush of message traffic from email, instant messaging (IM), VoIP, SMS text messaging, and other emerging forms of enterprise communications.

Security and business continuity are the biggest issues challenging companies as digital messages proliferate, according to the report. The incidence of spam monitored by Postini was continuously high, at 75 to 80% during 2005. Virus activity by Sober and others has increased dramatically, and new vectors of attack, such as IM and mobile email, are complicating the situation.

Sober posed the biggest threat to business in 2005. During a seven-day period in November, Postini detected and blocked a 1500% increase in Sober-infected traffic and quarantined more than 218 million Sober-infected messages. Postini ultimately stopped more than 1.2 billion viruses over the proceeding 30 days, the largest virus attack it has experienced.

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