Borland scheme aims to maximise business value of software work

Borland aims to turn software development into a simple business process with its Software Delivery Optimisation programme.

Borland aims to turn software development into a simple business process with its Software Delivery Optimisation programme.

The programme, announced at the Borland Conference 2004 earlier this month, aims to accelerate software development processes to maximise the business value of software.

Dale Fuller, president and chief executive of Borland Software, said, "Our vision expands on application lifecycle management, addressing the next phase of software development and delivery by bringing the rigours of a managed business process to the software organisation.

"By improving the process of delivering quality software, businesses can reliably achieve both cost savings and competitive advantage."

Carl Zetie, an analyst at Forrester Research, said of the problems companies face, "Many IT organisations are so busy wrestling with the complexity of development that they are struggling to keep pace with the rapid changes in business demands.

"Some of the increased complexity is the inevitable result of the fact that applications are architecturally more sophisticated than in the past.

"Integration across applications, departments, or businesses is inherently more complex. To address these challenges, the Software Delivery Optimisation vision provides a roadmap to transform software development into a managed business process."

Fuller spelled out how the company would start delivering the necessary optimisation. Elements include:

lCustomer lifecycle management - a set of integrated education, consulting, implementation and technical support solutions

lBorland Accelerate - a knowledge network of methodologies, processes and best practices

lBorland University - a learning portal and dashboard to help train, certify, test and educate teams on how to optimise the software delivery process.

Tom Murphy, an analyst at Meta Group, said, "If executed correctly, this strategy may do for software development what ERP did to the process of manufacturing."

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