Should all staff be given access to e-mail at work?

The big question: Should all staff be given access to e-mail at work?

Should all staff be given access to e-mail at work?

Yes: 94%

No: 6%

The Big Question is an initiative between Computer Weekly and recruitment consultancy PSD. Each week we put the Big Question to top IT professionals to get their take on a current talking point.

The majority of IT professionals believe that all employees in an organisation should be given access to e-mail, despite the risks of information overload damaging productivity, the strain on enterprise networks and the potential risks to systems security.

In this week's Big Question, 94% of respondents said they thought that e-mail should be deployed company-wide, with many of them arguing that the advantages far outweighed the drawbacks.

IT professionals acknowledged that employees often felt swamped by the volume of e-mails, but said that people could be trained to prioritise and use their time effectively.

A project manager at BAE Systems said e-mail had become "a fundamental part of communicating within business today" and that it "saves money and time".

Software developer Todor Todorov said, "All staff should have e-mail at work. It is a lot cheaper and greener than sending paper notes around and it is an invaluable tool for spreading internal and external communications."

Other respondents argued that there should be restrictions on e-mail access based on an employee's job function.

IT manager Adrian Rayne said, "Depending on the nature of the business, e-mail can either expedite transactions or impede staff productivity."

IT analyst Pippa Thompson was among those respondents who said there should be time restrictions on e-mail use.

"Limiting the use of internet access is effective and allows individuals to be more effective in their working day," she said.

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