Old security threats continue rampant attacks -- and more tech news briefs

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Old web security threats continue to hit systems

Old internet security threats are continuing to plague the web. Research from anti-virus company Sophos has found that Netsky-P and Mytob-AS, the top two threats last month, were also the most rampant attacks in August 2005.

Name and shame website to push suppliers to patch

Security firm TippingPoint is to name and shame suppliers that have products affected by unpatched zero-day attacks. A new website, www.zerodayinitiative.com is aimed at encouraging affected suppliers to patch their products speedily.

Most SMEs make do with on-site back-up systems

Few small and medium-sized enterprises back-up data off-site, according to survey of 200 firms carried out for hosted IT and telecoms provider Comtact. It found that nearly 70% of SMEs that had a business continuity plan only provided on-site back up systems, which could be vulnerable if the business premises suffered damage.

Think location and limits for mobile search systems

Companies wanting to offer mobile search facilities must consider the location and physical limitations of the device, rather than merely offering desktop search functionality on a mobile, a study by Ferris Research has warned.

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