Microsoft to fix Internet Explorer patch glitch

IT administrators have reported configuration problems with last week's Internet Explorer patch. Microsoft will tweak and re-release the patch August 22.

A patch Microsoft released  to fix problems in Internet Explorer (IE) is causing other software to break and making the browser crash. As a result, Microsoft will tweak the patch and re-release it August 22, the company announced on its Web site.

The patch, MS06-042, appears to break other software and causes Internet Explorer to crash, according to Microsoft's security website and other IT forums. A number of IT administrators on security mailing lists are complaining that the patch causes some PeopleSoft web-based applications to crash.

Microsoft's security site has been updated to let customers know that if they are applying the security patch for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 systems, the web browser may crash while certain sites are being viewed.

While the re-release isn't expected until August 22, Microsoft does have a temporary fix for the problem, but users must call the company's support line to get it.

The company still recommends that the current patch be applied because it addresses eight security flaws in the browser, although Microsoft's technical help desk recommends that users disable the use of HTTP 1.1 in the browser's advanced settings menu.

The patch for Internet Explorer was one of 12 that Microsoft issued last Tuesday, with MS06-040 being singled out as the most important one to install. MS06-040 is a remotely exploitable buffer overrun flaw in the Windows Server service. Attackers have already started to exploit the flaw.

Patch glitches are nothing new for IT administrators. In April, a second patch for Windows Internet Explorer had to be issued by Microsoft because the first one caused problems with Nvidia drivers and Hewlett-Packard software. In June, one of the company's patches caused network problems for users.

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