BT uses Cisco hardware for IP replacement -- and more tech news briefs

Short takes from this week's technology news

Short takes from this week's technology news

BT trials IP replacement for UK phone network

BT is trialling its 21st Century Network (21CN) between Woolwich and Cambridge, sending millions of voice calls over Cisco hardware in preparation for a national roll-out in November. One of the world's largest next-generation IP network projects, 21CN is due to replace most of the UK's public switched telephony network by 2010.

Use of Mobile Wimax to overtake Wimax by 2012

Adoption of Mobile Wimax will overtake fixed Wimax by 2012, according to Juniper Research. The two broadband wireless standards are running in parallel, but Juniper said Fixed Wimax subscribers ought to be transferred to Mobile Wimax over time.

Google launches open source project service

Google has launched an open source project hosting service. Google Project Hosting offers open source developers workspaces with membership controls, a version control system, issue tracking and mailing lists.

Wisdom of the optical 'firewall on a chip'

A research consortium has begun a three-year EU-funded project to develop a reconfigurable photonic "firewall on a chip". The Wisdom system aims to implement security checks and algorithms directly at optical data communication rates.

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