Networks news in brief

Short takes on this week's networks news

Book publisher prepares for disaster recovery

Publisher Faber and Faber has installed a DataCore IP storage area network and disaster recovery system for its Apple and Windows servers. The company integrated Sanmelody into its existing Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks. The San manages Faber and Faber's core publishing systems, image databases and day-to-day office systems. Faber and Faber had an existing Fibre Channel San, but needed to add additional servers and capacity.

Iron Mountain takes over back-up company

Data protection and records management company Iron Mountain is to acquire LiveVault, a company that provides online server back-up and recovery services. Iron Mountain already owns about 14% of LiveVault and will pay about £24m for the remaining shares. LiveVault offers disc-based back-up and recovery for small and medium-sized companies as well as for remote offices of larger firms. The company said it has more than 2,000 corporate customers.

Virgin sets up wireless networks on its trains

Virgin Trains has installed wireless networking devices on its trains to give business customers high-quality network access via 3G mobile networks. Virgin Trains partnered with Orange to install the on-train repeater devices which link to a distributed network of antennae in the carriages. The technology has been installed on Virgin Voyager trains. Virgin Trains is also working with Orange to test how it can offer wireless internet access on trains.

Security is tightened on latest 3Com switches

New switches from 3Com feature stronger security through user and device authentication, access control, and support for the forthcoming 3Com quarantining service, which isolates suspicious network traffic. The Switch 4500 family also has intelligent traffic management, and bandwidth management. Other features include a smart Power Over Ethernet capability.


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