Oracle offers plug-in for Microsoft and other big announcements

Short takes from this week's technology news.

Short takes on this week's technology news

Few standardise on integrated ERP

Only 6% of companies have standardised on an integrated ERP package, according to a survey by PMP Research. It reported that 37% use a mix of standalone and bespoke applications and 17% depend on home-grown systems. The rest have supplemented their ERP choices with a variety of bespoke and specialist packages.

Oracle offers plug-in for Microsoft integration

Oracle Database 10g users who choose to develop applications using Microsoft's latest Visual Studio 2005 will get a free plug-in tool from Oracle to integrate the companies' platforms more closely. Oracle currently provides a free plug-in called Oracle Developer Tools for Visual for Visual 2003 users to integrate their Oracle Database 10g applications.

Gartner warns against rush to Windows Vista

Companies should not rush to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista, said analyst firm Gartner, adding that most organisations could delay a migration until 2008. Gartner said most of the improvements in Vista, due for release next year, will be security-related and much of this functionality  was available via third-party products already available.

EFQM develops spec for software development

A new specification to address quality and process improvement in software development is being developed by not-for-profit organisation EFQM and the European Software Institute. The model is based on the EFQM Excellence model.

Patent library to protect open source projects

Open Source Development Labs has introduced an online patent common reference library to help protect open source software projects. The project is documenting the growing  pledges and other legal support directed at software patent issues.

Forum supports Linux-enabled mobile phones

A group of mobile companies are collaborating on a Linux mobile phone standard to establish a platform to support open source mobile applications. Orange, PalmSource, mobile chip maker ARM Holdings, and several mobile software developers are joining forces to create the Linux Phone Standard (Lips) Forum. The forum wants to agree on a platform that will allow applications on phones and mobile devices to be easily integrated with the Linux operating system. Nokia launched its first Linux-enabled tablet internet device earlier this month.

TippingPoint launches integrated IPS platform

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com, has developed what it says is the first integrated security platform built on intrusion prevention system technology. The TippingPoint X505 product combines a stateful inspection firewall, IPSec virtual private network, bandwidth management, web content filtering and dynamic routing. The product is designed to provide pre-emptive, automatic and dynamic protection not found in traditional firewalls, TippingPoint said.

Microsoft and Cisco to ease VoIP adoption

Microsoft and Cisco Systems have joined forces to make it easier for firms to adopt voice over IP systems. The suppliers are working on integrating the Interactive Connectivity Establishment protocol into Microsoft software. This will allow VoIP communications on corporate networks to get through network address translators, which commonly stop VoIP from working properly.

IBM Websphere server wins benchmark award

IBM's Websphere application server software has achieved the highest rating in the latest SpecJAppServer2004 benchmark, running an application based on 22,000 concurrent clients and 921 complex business transactions per second. The application used Websphere application server software and a DB2 Universal Database based on SuSE Linux, running on IBM System p5 550 servers.

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