Hackers take VoIP by the throat

Hackers take VoIP by the throat

Hackers have Voice over IP in their sights, according to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report.


The report identifies that some old security favourites, such as spam, phishing and caller ID spoofing, are mutating to target voice networks. Directory harvesting, where a victim’s mail server is flooded by known email addresses in order to generate other valid addresses from corporate or ISP servers, is also gaining traction.


Ollie Whitehouse, researcher for Symantec Research Labs, says: "While there are currently very few reported attacks directed at VoIP systems, Symantec believes it is only a matter of time before attackers target it more intensely, as this new communication technology gains widespread acceptance and deployment."


The number of corporate VoIP users is growing fast. Earlier this year, Deloitte & Touche forecast that more than two-thirds of the Global 2,000 companies will have deployed VoIP to at least some of their desktops.

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