IT jobs market slows down

Run of five strong quarters for growth in jobs markets ends.

Demand for IT staff fell after five consecutive quarters of growth, according to figures from e-Skills, the industry body for IT, telecoms and contact centre employers.

Advertisements for IT staff tailed off by 5% during the first quarter of this year. Fewer employers reported vacancies or had plans to recruit over the following six months.

Only 0.3% found it difficult to find staff, compared with 1.8% in the previous quarter.

Higher interest rates, a slowing housing market and concerns over pensions and tax rises have taken their toll on business confidence.

This fall signals a return to a buyers' market, where employers can cherry-pick skills from a large talent pool. But some positions are still hard to fill, including systems developers, programmers, technical support staff, IT managers and software engineers.

Looking longer term, the spectre of a skills shortage still looms. Recent research from Forrester pointed out the failure of our education system to produce graduates with the skills to match market changes, such as outsourcing.


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