Intel releases multi-core compilers to boost chip performance

Intel releases multi-core compilers to boost chip performance

Intel has released new tools and software to make it easier for developers to build applications that extract the best performance from multi-core platforms

Multi-core platforms see more than one processor fitted to a single piece of silicon to boost data processing performance.

The Intel Compilers version 9.0 for the C++ and Fortran programming languages also help improve security protection in Linux and Windows applications, said Intel. 

Software developers use compilers to translate a programming language, such as C++, into a language the processor understands. 

“As demand increases for multi-core platforms, there is an opportunity for software vendors to add performance, features and innovations to their products concurrent with this major architecture shift,” said Bill Savage, Intel general manager of the software products division. 

Version 9.0 of the Intel C++ compiler costs from £215 for either Windows or Linux versions. The Fortran compiler starts at £269 for either Windows or Linux.

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