Vonage brings VoIP to Britain

Leading US voice over IP provider Vonage has launched its service in the UK.

Leading US voice over IP provider Vonage has launched its service in the UK.

Designed to be used over broadband lines, the Vonage service allows voice calls to travel over a shared data line to reduce call costs and add functionality.

The service already has 650,000 users in the US, and Vonage said it was adding 15,000 customers globally a month.

Vonage’s telephone adapter will be initially available in 136 Staples stores across the UK, with more high-street retailers coming on board throughout the year. 

Vonage is also embarking on an advertising campaign, which will initially target broadband users through online media.

The broadband service is easily installed and works using a standard touch-tone phone handset rather than a headset plugged into a PC, which is the system commonly used for VoIP services.  

For £9.99 a month customers receive unlimited UK and Ireland local and national calls, with all calls to other Vonage users completely free, irrespective of location. 

Vonage also promises cheaper mobile and international calls.

Users also benefit from features such as call waiting, three-way calling, call forwarding and voicemail.

Customers can choose their number from more than 120 UK dialling codes. There is also the option of choosing an additional virtual number in Canada, the US or the UK, giving a local presence in another location. 

A small business package is offered at £18.99, which includes a free fax line with 500 local and national minutes

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