Sun chooses open source leaders

Sun Microsystems has announces Community Advisory Board line-up.

Sun Microsystems has announced the five individuals selected to participate on the OpenSolaris Community Advisory Board (CAB), created to steer Sun’s OpenSolaris open source developer community towards self-governance.

Sun plans to release source code for its main Solaris 10 operating system under a common development and distribution license (CDDL) in the second quarter of 2005.

The five-member board consists of two people who were nominated and elected by the OpenSolaris pilot community. These are Al Hopper, engineer consultant from Logical Approach, and Rich Teer, an independent Solaris consultant and author of "Solaris Systems Programming".

The three other members are Roy Fielding, chief scientist at Day Software and co-founder and member of the Apache Software Foundation; Simon Phipps, Sun’s chief technology evangelist and Casper Dik, Sun senior staff engineer.

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